MakeHuman 1.0 alpha 6 リリース! - パラメーター調整で様々な体格の人体モデルを作成出来るフリーソフト最新版!


1.0 alpha 6 最新版がリリースされたようです。











New/improved features

  • NEW: Texture chooser
  • ETHNIC MODE: partially restored
  • ETHNIC MODE: Save/load of skin texture, modified ethnics to use correct texture at load.
  • NEW: Expressions plugin
  • NEW: Randomize plugin
  • MEASURE MODE: sliders hide/show clicking on human zones
  • GUI: better design
  • GUI: Small font text, Sharp fonts (on default size)NEW: Background tools.
  • VARIOUS: Fourier tool.
  • MHX: mhx importer v 1.0.4. New way to assign vertex groups.
  • MHX: Mhx rig redesign: FK and IK bones removed.
  • COLLADA: Simplified Collada export. The skeleton does not look so good in Blender, but is more correct.
  • MEASURE MODE: save measurement
  • GUI: Show angle when sliding
  • GUI: Wire button
  • OBJ: Better obj export, without diamonds option
  • OBJ: Custom obj exporter which makes better UVs than the standard one.
  • GUI: New fileselector (WIP)
  • GUI: Camera key navigation
  • GUI: Added export eyebrows option, layout cleanup
  • MHX: Introduced spline ik for the spine as an option.
  • MHX: Removed hooks for spine spline IK because it caused cyclical errors. Euler angles and better weight painting for legs.
  • GUI: nicer color control
  • GUI: speeds up camera movement when holding shift.
  • MHX: Pose tool: Toggle button for properties, layer visibility panel, lipsync autokey-button aware.
  • Using separate bone layers for left and right sides. MHX importer: filter file extensions. MHX export even if proxy.cfg is missing.
  • GENERAL: Persistent settings
  • NEW: Catmull Clark subdivision (to use as preview and export option, not realtime)
  • GUI: Better opengl lighting
  • GUI: Adds a statistics box in measurement
  • NEW: skeleton visualizer
  • EXPERIMENTAL: pose2 for experimenting deforming without shapekeys
  • EXPERIMENTAL: bvh player (to test bvh loading)









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