FurryBall 2.0 リリース! - Maya用高機能リアルタイムGPUレンダラー!

リアルタイムGPUレンダラーのFurryBall 2.0がリリースされています。



リアルタイムSubSurface Scatteringや、リアルタイムディスプレイスメント等も可能



FurryBall 2.0 を使い、GPUはGeforce GTX 460.

1080pでパスは Fluids、 AO 、 デプス

 レンダリング時間は 2~3分 だそうです。




FurryBall 2.0                         $999
FurryBall 2.0 STEREO         $1499

Upgrade from version 1.x      $599

Upgrade to STEREO from 1.x $999

FurryBall MASTER EDU        $299
(only for students and teachers - NO STEREO)



※Maya 2011 you need HOTFIX 2 or 3
※Windows Vista or 7 オンリー





  • Multi-pass multi-sampling antialiasing (less memory consuming, faster, almost unlimited number of samples) - HOT
  • Improved AO - HOT 
  • Layered textures - up-to three layers of 2D textures + alpha textures - HOT
  • Fluids - complete support of Maya Fluid with real shadows - HOT
  • Mutli-GPU selector - (launch two Maya instances and render with a different GPU on each) - HOT
  • Stereo Support - all display modes in realtime (anaglyphs, interlaced, side-by-side) - HOT
  • NEW hair system - new features, style, save and (re)connect with Maya dynamic hair - HOT
  • Instancing
  • Maya 2012 support
  • Much more efficient DAG traversal for large scenes
  • New subdivision/displacement algorithms (Catmull-Clark)
  • OpenEXR HDR file output - supports several layers (RGB(A), Depth, SSAO)
  • Enhanced hair softness, minimum hair screen size
  • Enhanced transparency - supports colored transparent shadows
  • Point light shadows
  • Cascaded shadow maps for directional lights (for large scenes)
  • Deep opacity maps and Fourier opacity maps for transparent fluid and hair shadows from spot lights - HOT
  • Light color textures (IBL)
  • Shadow intensity curves
  • Velvet (sillhouete) shader for all materials
  • Fake translucence from multiple lights, for all materials
  • Gamma correction
  • Support for forced texture mip-map levels
  • Texture size visualization of texel to screen pixel ratio
  • Lower memory consumption for subsurface scattering
  • Subsurface scattering seam fix texture
  • Light and render linking via Maya sets

    FurryBall 2.0 now requires a DirectX 11 GPU (GeForce 4xx, Radeon HD 5xxx)!

    Road-plan for version 2.x

  • Multi-GPU rendering (support more GPU in one Maya)
  • Enhanced SSAO
  • Motion blur and better DOF with bokeh









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